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Ladies Team Tennis




6th June 6pm

About the Event

The Ladies (Tuesday) Team Tennis has been re-vamped, commencing on 6th June 2023 @ 6pm for approx. 6/8 weeks. This year, in order to spark more interest and retain players who sign up each year, the format will be slightly different.


The format will be made up of Divisions 1 & 2 players and reserves. All participants will be ranked according to their playing ability, in order to provide a competitive experience for all; with Division 1 players being slightly stronger than Division 2 players.


Format of Play:

Sixteen players each week (8 in each Division 1 & 2)

Players in each Division will play against players in their Division

Each PLAYER ACCUMULATES THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL POINTS by playing every player in their Division throughout the Tournament.


Scoring format:

You play 3 sets (sudden-death at deuce) – with each player switching partners after every set.

The winning pair accumulates 5pts individually for each set won

The losing pair accumulates 3pts individually for each set lost



If you are interested but cannot commit to the entire planned Tournament schedule, you can still sign up as a Reserve. Any matches played, win or lose, will contribute towards a worthy 2pts for the player you are standing in for.



Held in the last two weeks

The 1st highest scoring players in Division 1 & 2 will play each other; with Division 1 & 2 players pairing up and playing each other – 3 sets (sudden-death at deuce)

Pairings will be decided by a coin toss


The same format will apply for:

The 2nd highest scoring players in Division 1 & 2

The 3rd highest scoring players in Division 1 & 2

The 4th highest scoring players in Division 1 & 2



Participation in the Ladies Tennis Tournament will be just £10, this includes new balls, lights and prizes (for each Division 1 & 2 winners). A reserve player will pay £1 for each occasion played.


A buffet meal will be available at the end of the Tournament at an extra cost of £10 (includes a glass of wine).


It would be great to see as many of you participate as possible, if you are interested, please email


Closing date - 15th May 2023 

See you on the courts!

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