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Mixed Adults Spring Singles League




28th Jan - 30th March

About the Event


All matches are a pro set first to 8 games- 7-7, and a tiebreak to 7 points is played to decide the match.The reason for this Pro Set format, players only need to book a court for 1 hour, people have less time so only paying for one hour encourages more matches to be played. Warmups kept to a max of 5 minutes, no sit down at change of ends as this can waste time and close matches may exceed the 1-hour court booking.

  • Depending on the number of entries, groups are to be kept small so people can finish all their matches.

  • For every match played, each player receives 1 point and the winner of the match receives an extra bonus point.

  • 48-hour courtesy rule - applies to all players, when contacted be sure to return to the arranging player within 48 hours.

  • The winner of the match must send in the result within 48 hours of the game being completed to the tournament organiser.

  • Joker card! If you have played 3 or more matches in your group then you can play a Joker card and challenge a player from a group above. If you win the match you will receive 2 points, and lose 1 point. If you're the player being challenged again, then 2 points for the win, 1 for the loss.

  • The aim of enough entries is to have two players promoted and two relegated from each group.

  • The groups and contact details will be emailed, and all the groups and points will be updated weekly and posted in the clubhouse and online.

Enter here: Spring League Sign Ups

Competition Organiser: Andrew Evans -

Last date to enter: Sunday 21st January

We hope members participate and we can make this league grow as it gives everyone a purpose to compete and to enjoy playing singles matches. Any questions please contact Andrew.

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