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MyCourts Cancellation, Tennis for All, Lost Property

Cancellation period on MyCourts

Please note that you can now cancel any court booking on MyCourts and receive a refund 24 hours prior to your booking time. We hope this is helpful to you all.

Jersey Sport Association for the Disbaled

Jersey Sports Association for the Disabled (“JSAD”) invite you to join us for an open session showcasing ‘tennis for all’ with Jersey Wheelchair Tennis competitor, James Brady. The session is intended as an opportunity to see wheelchair tennis in action and for you to join James for a game, no matter

what your ability or experience. It would be so nice if some of our members could take the time to come to the club to watch/join in with this session.

When: Saturday 5th November

Time: 12pm - 2pm (Indoor 'Bubble' Court)

Don't forget Tony is in the bar and lunch is available as it is most other days. Delicious homemade soup etc.

Lost Property

Please be advised that there is a box in the corridor beside the used ball box, of various articles of clothing, accessories and water bottles, which have been left lying around in various areas of the club and outside. If you have lost anything please take a look in the box. All remaining items shall be donated to a charity next week.


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