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Committee, Padel Update, Indoor Courts, Inter Club

Committee We have had little response to our request for members to show some interest in considering a position on the committee. We have over 300 eligible members so this is extremely disappointing that so few have shown any interest in coming forward. Yet another plea for members to volunteer their support to their club. Please contact Sue on without delay if you wish for further information on the positions available. The AGM will take place at the end of November so please do consider the consequences that will arise if a new committee is not found. Padel Update Some members are asking why the small diggers are at the club in the area of the proposed padel courts. They are digging small holes in order to facilitate the final building regulations. While this is happening, access to the far entrance to the four-court bubble is not available, we expect this work to be finished this week. Please be advised that negotiations for the agreement on how the padel project will be run are still ongoing. Very time-consuming - time of which we do not have enough of. Nothing has been agreed upon, nothing is set in stone. Once we have a proposal and business plan to present to the members then we shall be calling for an EGM to approve, or not, the padel project and the resurfacing of our astro courts. The two projects need to be worked together to cause the least possible disruption to our members. Indoor courts So pleased to have our four-court bubble up and running although we have had some very warm weather for this time of year plus of course some very wet weather! We would like to remind our members that all the indoor courts are to be booked and paid for in advance of play. It has been noted that some members have taken advantage of the "honesty box" situation by warming up before the time they have actually booked and paid for the court. Half an hour of free time is not "playing ball"! It has also been noted that some members see the indoor courts are not being used and walk on and play without either booking the court or paying for it. Inter Club Finals Over the past few weeks, under 12 tennis players from all the clubs in Jersey have competed against each other. This had been organised at different venues by the JLTA and the Caesarean Tennis Club was delighted to host the finals day last Sunday. Well done to all our junior members who took part in the event.


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