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Junior and Adult Leagues, Wimbledon Ballot

2 Court Bubble Heating 

Due to a mechanical problem with the generator, there is currently no heating available in the 2-court bubble. Rubis engineers will attend on Thursday 25th January to carry out essential repairs.

Unfortunately, this will mean that the bubble will be closed for play from 12pm until 3pm on that day. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Wimbledon Ballot 

For any members wishing to opt in to the Wimbledon ballot for tickets, please be advised that the LTA have informed us that they have finally rectified a technical glitch on their portal. All members who have registered for an LTA Play account have now been upgraded to Play+ status, which allows you opt-in via the members benefits button once you have logged in. Please be aware that you have until the 14th of January to do so. 

Junior and Adult Winter Leagues

Here is the list of winners from the Junior and Adult Leagues last term October to December 2023. Congratulations to all the winners, you have won a tube of Tennis balls to be collected from the Tennis Locker. 

Junior Orange Ball - George Edwards

Junior Green Ball - Jayden Kiesners -  de Abreu

Junior Yellow Div 2 - Dominik Wozniak

Junior Yellow Div 1 - Nile Hannah 

Adult Leagues: 

Pearl - Ben Evans

Ruby - Stuart McKenzie

Sapphire - Francis Mo

Emerald - Max Forbes

Diamond - Luc Pajot 

Watch out for the information on the new leagues.

Tie Break 10 Singles

The first one-day event of the new year took place on Sunday 7th January and this time the event was called “Tie Break Tens”!

A singles competition for all levels, each match consisting of one tie break with over arm serve first player to the magical ten points, with the idea of playing lots of short quick matches.

We had fifteen players taking part split into three round-robin groups of five, so everyone was guaranteed at least four matches. The matches were very competitive with lots of close matches, some going to 9 all with sudden death points being played to decide the match.

The winners of each group were Steve Syvret, Sam Carnegie and Asep!

One of the most gratifying aspects of these one-day events is the opportunity for members to face off against players they might not usually encounter. It's a fantastic way to foster camaraderie within the tennis club community.A big thank you to everyone who participated and supported the event! Stay tuned for more exciting events on the horizon!     

BNP Paribas Summer Open Tournament

We can now confirm that the 2024 Summer Tournament will take place from 4th to 9th August. We have now added a club calendar on the website which includes this date plus many more upcoming events - click here to view

Rusty Rackets

This is an excellent session for people who have played tennis in the past but haven't picked up a racket for a few years and would like to get back into the swing of it again! Starting tomorrow (11th Jan) and running every Thursday until the 8th Feb at 12-1pm - Rusty Rackets Sign Up

Club Thanks

Thank you to Jo and Clive Chaplin for their donation of two pickleball nets to the club. It is very appreciated. 


Chris O'Connor

A reminder that friends wishing to attend the funeral service for Chris are invited to meet at the Crematorium Chapel on Friday, 19 January at 10 am. The wake will be held immediately after at the Ommaroo Hotel to remember our wonderful friend who will be greatly missed.


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