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Membership Cards and Club Sessions

Membership Cards

We would like to remind members that they can receive a 10% discount at Bella's when using their membership card. Like before, you will need to top-up your card with credit by logging into your account on TouchTopUp - account login. Without your card, the bar staff cannot take off the 10% discount. If you have any problems please contact the office -

There is still a box of uncollected cards in the office so if you do not have your card, it may be in the office. These can be collected between Mon-Wed 9.30-4.30pm or Thurs-Fri 10.30-2.30pm. 

Club Sessions

Junior Squads and Junior Club Night finish this week, with Saturday (25th May) being the last day of squads until they return after half-term (3rd June). 

There will be no club sessions next week apart from Adult Club Night/Afternoon. Mens Night, Junior Drill Clinic and Ladies Clinic will all commence the following week (3rd June) and Pickleball will be starting again in Autumn.

Avranches Club Visit

Sport and tennis are about more than just winning; they're about building connections and friendships. This past weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting Club Avranches from Normandie, France. Despite their early morning journey on the boat from Granville, they brought over a talented team of juniors and senior players to compete against our players at Caesarean Tennis Club.

Avranches featured their top female player from Argentina and their top male player from Uruguay. Eager to give everyone a chance to play against such good standard opponents, Caesarean was represented by a diverse group of players; Louis Keenan, Luca Paciello, Tomas Nadassky, Nina Grossi, Natasha Forrest, Karen Clark, Georges Grossi, Sam Carnegie, Nile Hannah & Max Forbes.

Most matches were played as Pro set, first to 8 games but the ladies' matches extended to best-of-three sets. In total, we squeezed in thirteen matches, with Avranches winning 9-4 overall. However, the level of tennis shown by all Caesarean players was commendable, with notable wins for Natasha and Luca against the top-ranked players. Karen and Georges also secured impressive wins. Despite facing older opponents, our junior boys showed great resilience and improvement in their matches.

Looking ahead, we're excited to reciprocate the hospitality by travelling to Avranches this summer to participate in their Summer tournament. It promises to be a fantastic experience for all involved.

A huge thank you to the club for supporting this event, and special thanks to Bella's for their exceptional service and refreshments, which kept all players fueled and ready to compete at their best.


Bella's at the Caesarean

On Saturday 25th May from 7pm-10pm, Bella's will be running a bingo night with all you can eat sour dough pizza for £20pp. Bingo cards are purchased on the night with cash only - £1 per strip or £5 per page (6 strips). Contact Bella's at to book your space. 

Office/Bella's Closed

Please note that the office and Bella's will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday.

Bella's Opening Hours:

Mon - Closed

Tue - Closed

Wed - 10am to 5pm

Thu - Closed

Fri - 10am to 9pm

Sat - 9am to 9pm

Sun - 9am to 5pm


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