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Session Fees, Bar Hours, New Committee Required

New Committee Members Required

As mentioned in a previous Newsletter, the majority of the current committee will be standing down at the end of November.

The roles which are most definitely required in order to ensure the club has an Executive Committee and to keep the club afloat are:


Vice Chair


Ladies Captain - we have a candidate

Mens Captain

Other vacant role is:

Safeguarding Officer

House & Grounds position may be filled plus Junior Liaison but both yet to be confirmed. We have had a couple of members who may decide to come on board but we very much ask all eligible members to seriously consider putting their names forward.

Increase in Session Costs

Our social club sessions/Rusty Racket sessions/ Ladies Clinic are currently being subsidised by the club. Coaches remuneration has been increased and quite rightly so, indoor courts are being used thus the need to "build in" the cost of the courts, periodic change of tennis balls the cost of which has also been increased and supply is quite limited. It is regrettable but this means that prices for the sessions will need to be increased in order to cover costs or at least lessen the loss that we currently endure.

Club Sessions will be increased to £4pp

Ladies Clinic will be increased to £14 pp

Rusty Rackets will be increased £70 for 5 sessions with a min of 3 and a max of 8 players.

Club Sessions and Ladies Clinic prices will come into effect from this Saturday 1st October, Rusty Rackets will increase from November.

Bar Opening Times

Over the past couple of weeks, Tony has been making some delicious food and we can confirm that the kitchen will be open during the following days from 9.30am to 1.30pm. Monday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday.

Tony will also be serving supper on Friday evening for hungry squad players and families from 5pm. We do have a couple of people who may be available to open the bar on Tuesday and Sunday but this cannot be guaranteed at the moment. If the lights are on and music is playing then the bar is open. Finding part-time staff is still a huge problem for us. As time goes on we hope to open during some evenings.

Inter Insular Match

The annual Inter insular match against Guernsey takes place this Sunday. Team A are playing in Jersey and Team B are in Guernsey. We have released the astro courts so they are bookable should you wish to play during Sunday. The Bar will be open until 2.30pm.

Junior Tennis Camp

Unfortunately, we're going to have to cancel our junior camps this October half-term due to being short-staffed. Apologies if you've been told it was going ahead, we would of liked to run it but it's proving difficult at this time.

Parent and Junior Presentation

Taking place on the 13th October from 6-7:30pm in the clubhouse, this FREE presentation for parents and players looks at what happens in tennis matches, focussing on how to help players prepare for matches and explaining the skills required to navigate through matches. Run by Alistair Higham, he will cover the impact of the score, Match Flow, Momentum and the link between Momentum and Performance, he will offer game insights, and guiding principles for how to compete more effectively with the aim of winning more often.

Please click the link to sign up: SIGN UP - Understanding the Demands of the Game


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