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Upcoming Events at the Club

Winter League - 22nd Oct-17th Dec A reminder that we will be running a Winter League starting at the end of the month. Aimed at all levels, adults and juniors 14yrs+ who are competing at island level. We hope to see lots of entries! Click here to enter: Winter League Entries Format: League Format and Rules Competition organiser: Andrew Evans Last date to enter: Sunday 15th October Any questions please contact Andrew:

Adult Fun One-Day Tournaments

A mix of fun one-day tournaments for our members, run by Head Coach, Andrew Evans. You can enter one or two but if you enter all three events and earn enough points the winner gets a bonus prize!

  • Sunday 15th October, 11am-2pm: 21 point Singles Tournament

  • Sunday 19th November, 11am-2pm: Dingles Doubles Tournament

  • Sunday 17th December,11am-2pm: Christmas Pickleball Tournament

1 bonus point to enter each tournament 1 bonus point for each match played 2 bonus points for each win

The overall winner has to play in all three events to be in contention for the Grand Prix. Entry fee is £5 per event, this includes the organising, courts, balls and prizes! Sign up here: Day Tournaments

Deadline for sign ups is the 13th October. October Half-Term Tennis Camp Our Junior Tennis Camps are back for October half-term! These camps are a great way to get your kids to have fun, make new friends and stay active during the half-term! Suitable for all levels and for ages 5-11. Running from 9am-12pm, 23rd-25th October and open to both members (£35 a day) and non-members (£40 a day). Sign up here: Junior Camps Adult Shot Clinic Here is this month's timetable for the Adults Shot Clinic that runs every Tuesday at 6:30pm if any members would like to come along! Run by Andrew, every session is focused on learning different shot techniques. Sign up here: Shot Clinic October 10th- Net play for Singles October 17th - Net play for Doubles October 31st - 2nd Serve & return Previous Events: Jersey vs Guernsey Inter-Insular The annual Jersey vs Guernsey Inter-Insular matches were played yesterday with the 45+ Team travelling to Guernsey and the 55+ Team playing at home in Jersey. After weeks-long trials for team selection, both teams were victorious: 45’s 8 matches/4 matches and 55’s 5 matches/3 matches (a reduced format due to a late inbound aircraft!). It was a fun day of competition for all and congratulations to all the players and thanks to the Captains and Organisers from both islands. Jersey organiser and 55+ Team Captain, Ian Morgan, had a very special day of tennis in that he is the first Jersey player to have played in all Inter Insular age groups. First as a Junior, then Senior A Team, 45s and now 55s. Only one other player, Guernsey man Ian Robinson, has ever achieved this milestone. Ian comes from a strong family tradition of tennis too, with his mum playing for the Senior A Team at 60 years old (and also 45s and 55s)! Acorns not falling far from trees springs to mind!

Newquay Tennis Visit Last week saw the visit of seven tennis players from the Heron Tennis Club, Newquay. The seven players were friends of Trish Irving's whom she met when she was living in Cornwall. Trish arranged two fun tournaments whilst they were here. The Newquay players were: Emma and Mike Donald, Ali Hastings, Andrea Roberts, Liz Hawken, Serena Peters and Tessa White. Jean Coakley played for Newquay to make the numbers up to eight. The Jersey players over the two tournaments were: Alison Devy, Bev Le Marquand, Carole Baguet, Madeleine Lee, Tina Thomasson, Ann Pasturel, Jenny Booth, Fabienne Briery, Sarah Cohen, Pauline Renault, Julie Gafoor and Zoe Wauton. Each Jersey player played with a Newquay player, it was a fun tournament after all! The Thursday tournament was won by Jean and Fabienne against Emma and Carole and Friday's tournament was won by Bev and Andrea against Fabienne and Serena. Credit to Fabienne she had played a lot of tennis that day, including a singles Entro match!! A big thank you from Trish goes to Kirsty Ling who arranged the round robin schedule of play and the score sheets and also to Sue Holland who kindly opened the bar for all to have a welcoming drink on Friday afternoon, which was much appreciated by the Newquay players!!! It has been suggested that next year, players could visit Newquay for a rematch which would probably be in late September. Dates etc have yet to be decided, but if anyone would be interested in a rematch you can contact Trish Irving directly with your initial interest. Trish's contact details are listed in the members directory.


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