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2 Court Bubble, Pickleball Sessions

2 Court Bubble 

Unfortunately, the Rubis engineers who came to the club last week weren't able to complete the work on the generators so will be back to the club in due course. This means that there will still be no heating in the bubble, we apologise for the inconvenience and will keep members updated.Indoor 2 will also be closed to booking on Thursday 8 Feb from 1-3pm to allow replacement of faulty door handles and locks to the old air lock in the two-court bubble. This work is necessary to ensure the bubble does not have a failure of one of the doors which would result in a sudden loss of pressure and jeopardise the inflation of the bubble. 

Hard Courts

The hard court floodlights are now operational again after the power outage 2 weeks ago. As the weather now is improving, we have opened hard courts 1-3 for booking to increase the number of available courts for booking. However, members should be aware that the fences at the back of courts 1-3 are not perfect and are leaning into the corridor so balls may roll under the fence and claiming them back from the corridor could require some ducking and wiggling to navigate the lean. So if this is not acceptable to members, then they should not book courts 1-3. The fences are due to begin replacement works on Tuesday 20 February, from which time all four outdoor hard courts will be closed while the work happens. It's possible that we may be able to put some of the courts into use during the work, but we won’t know till we can take advice from the workmen on site during the replacement.

Pickleball Tournament

After a successful Pickleball event in December and Pickleball training on Tuesday evenings we would like to hold another Pickleball Doubles event, open to all levels.When: Sunday 3rd MarchTime: 11am to 2pmCost: £5 per member or £8 per non-memberPlease enter in advance as there are limited spaces available and please state your doubles partner. If you are looking for a partner please let Andrew Evans know and we will provide equipment if you don't have a Pickleball padel.Sign up here: One Day Pickleball Tournament

Pickleball Training 

Ian Morgan and Andrew Evans are once again starting Pickleball training sessions. These sessions will be a mixture of playing, skills and learning the game in a fun environment.

We will be running this term as a six-week course and opening it up to more members so we can now take 24 people max. All equipment is supplied.

Running Tuesday evenings at a slightly earlier time of 6.15pm to 7.30pm, from 20th February to 26th March for £60 for the six-week course.

Deadline for sign-ups is 15th February. Sign up here: Pickleball Training

Quilter Cheviot Mens Night

We held our third week of Men's Night Tennis on Monday and had a great evening of tennis! Well done to everyone who took part and to our winners:

Court 8 - Jasper Jensen

Court 7 - David Warr, Max Forbes and John Hanna

Court 6 - Jose de Cordova

Court 5 - David Mcgrath

Court 3 - Francis Mo


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