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Clay Courts Maintenance, Summer Tournament, Guest Fees

Artificial Clay Court Maintenance

We hope you have all had an opportunity to enjoy playing on the new artificial clay courts. We are still awaiting a couple of items to complete the project including new drag mats and signage.

Thank you to those members who are doing a good job of sweeping the clay courts and lines. As a reminder, it is everyone’s responsibility to brush the courts at the end of their match. This will keep the courts in tip-top condition for many years to come and is a great way to cool down after a match!

Our 2-metre wide combination drag mesh/brushes are here, and two more are on their way so we will soon move away from the soft bristle brushes that have been bolted together as a stop gap! The combination drag mat/brush should be dragged with the bristles of the brush against the infill. However, please note the courts should only be brushed when dry- the sand should not ‘clog up’ when brushing.

You will have noticed the new net posts have external winders. If there is no-one coming on the court after your match, please loosen the net (2 turns). This will prevent stretching of the net cord and extend its life.

The signs below will be located on each of the courts as a reminder for the correct way to brush the courts. If you have any questions – please just ask one of the coaches, committee members or your fellow members!

BNP Paribas Summer Tournament

Let's hope you have already marked the date for this LTA Open Tournament in your diary, which starts this Sunday, 30th July and finishes on Friday 4th August. Matches and draws have now been released on the LTA website, good luck to all the Caesarean members playing! If you aren't participating, it would be great to see other members come down to watch some matches and show some support.

Please also note that the presentation to the winners and runner-ups will take place on Friday, time TBC.

We will have an onsite food truck 'Scooby Shack' here to provide a catering service throughout the tournament (menu below) and the bar will be open from 8:30am for drinks and snacks. As this is an open tournament, we are welcoming everyone to come down to watch some great tennis and grab some delicious food, so please invite your family and friends to join you!

Marj Rimeur will also be setting up her beautiful jewellery stall, upstairs in the bar for the week of the tournament.

Bakers Required

As always we kindly ask for donations of homemade cakes. Our ladies have always provided the tournaments with some delicious cakes so please, if anyone can bring along a cake during the tournament week, it would be very appreciated.

Junior Tennis Warm Up Sessions

As a preparation for the tournament, Andrew is organising warm-up sessions for green to yellow ball players on the mornings of the tournament week (30th July-3rd August), to give juniors the opportunity to practise and have some guidance on their performance ahead of their matches.

It will focus on a mixture of movements exercises, reaction and movement exercises and racket warm up drills to get them ready to compete to their highest level in the tournament.

If you are interested, please sign up below:

Guest Fees

We would like to remind members that if you invite a guest to play with you, it is your responsibility to pay for the guest fee. Guest fees may be easily paid via MyCourts when booking the court by selecting the opponent as “Guest £10”. Using this facility makes it easier for members to know that the appropriate fee has been paid.

If a member is booking a court and does not find their opponent’s name as an option to select on MyCourts, that should be a red flag that maybe the person they have invited to play is not a member, so best to ask them before taking to the court (not every member is on MyCourts) and getting a surprise that a guest fee is due. Please can we all help protect the financial stability of the Club, while being fair to your fellow members who have paid their subs, by not allowing guests to play at the Club free of charge.

Clubhouse Bar

Please note that unless there is a special event on, the bar will not be open at the weekends to serve coffee now that the long-awaited coffee machine has arrived. Soft drinks and snacks may be purchased at the vending machine but will require coins to operate.


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