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Entro Winter Tennis League, Bank Holiday, Junior Squads

Entro Winter Tennis League Some of you will recall that for many years there has been an external tennis league run by volunteers in fact for an amazing 35 years. Unfortunately due to no-one wishing to take on the organisation it did not happen for winter of 2020/21. Thankfully 3 ladies have come together to reinstate this league namely Michelle Fielding, Bev Le Marquand and Jane Salt. Please read the script below from Michelle. "Hi All When I received the email a few months ago from Jean saying that the Entro was folding after 35 years due to the fact that no one had come forward to run it, I felt very sad as it would be yet another League to be lost forever just like the External League and the Masters. After giving it some thought and speaking to Jean, I said that I would be prepared to step up and keep it going. I also spoke to Bev and she agreed to help out as has Jane Salt. Obviously, it can only be kept going if there is sufficient interest so I am reaching out to see what interest there is and whether you have any suggestions for changes/improvements. Bev and I have had a chat and are considering the following changes/additions:- 1. Start the League in September to give people plenty of time before Christmas to get a few matches played. 2. Make it two sets with a tie break as booking courts to complete a three set match often proves difficult. 3. Introduce a Novice League where players who have not entered Leagues before can play each other. 4. Allow people to put their names forward even if they do not have a partner and we will endeavour to match them with others. 5. Bring back the older age group of Over 45's (or older if there was enough interest). We feel that some people are put off if they have to play much younger players. Please come back to me by 31st May with any comments, suggestions etc. and let me know whether you would be interested in doing the Entro League. We will then aim to get the forms out by the end of June with a start date of 1st September. We would appreciate it if you would circulate our emails to any tennis friends island wide as this is NOT just a Caesarean League. It is open to everyone and matches can be played on any court anywhere in Jersey." Please contact Michelle on with any comments or thoughts to encourage these ladies to get this league back up and running again. Dogs Allowed For a number of years and for various reasons, dogs have not been allowed at the tennis club. However, it has been discussed and agreed by the current committee that dogs are permitted on the premises but with a few polite requests.

  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and must not be a nuisance to members or other dogs.

  • Keep your dog under control and within the car park area only

  • Dogs must not be allowed on the tennis courts or in the corridor between the hard and astro courts.

  • No dogs allowed in the clubhouse

  • If a dog becomes noisy please return to your car.

  • Finally, have the poo bag ready... just in case!

Junior Squads

A reminder to all parents with children on our junior squads. Today will be the last club night and Saturday (28th May) is the last day of squads for this term. Both club night and squads will begin again after half-term, from the 6th of June.

Jubilee Bank Holiday

Please note the office and Bar will be closed on Thursday 2nd June and Friday 3rd June. All courts will be available to book but note that the Bubble will be locked at 6pm. Depending on the court bookings and staff availability, normal service will resume for the weekend.


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