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Ladies Team Tennis, New Members Evening, Club Sessions

Ladies Team Tennis

Although so many ladies appeared keen that we should do a further session, only 7 players have signed up for this which was to start on Tuesday 19th July. We need to have at least 16 players to make the event work.

New Members Evening

So in its place, we shall book a couple of courts on Tuesday 19th and Tuesday 26th July from 6.30 until 7.30 pm for our new members to come and have a hit of tennis with our Ladies Captain Jo, and Chairperson Sue. We are not coaches but are very happy to come on court to introduce you to other members. We were new once and tennis is a very social game so please do come and meet up with others.

Club Sessions

August is always a very quiet month and the time when coaches and members take annual holidays. Over the past couple of weeks, numbers have dwindled on our Club sessions on both Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon. With effect from the week beginning 1st August, we shall continue to book two courts for the club sessions but neither Ian nor Karen will be available to run them. Please continue to come to the club and play with other members who will also turn up hoping for a game.

Junior Club Night/Squads

Just a reminder to parents that today's (15th July) Junior Club Night and tomorrow's squads will be the last of the term until September. We will be sending out information on next terms squads at the end of the month/early August.

Club Hoodies

Our club hoodies have finally arrived. We are currently unravelling the box and will promote the sale of these by early next week. Although they may be a bit warm to wear at the moment they will look very smart and particularly when you are playing in a tournament on/off the island...or even at any time playing at the club.


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