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St Malo vs Caesarean Trip, Artificial Clay Courts, LTA Membership

St Malo vs Caesarean Tennis Club Trip

Last Sunday we visited St Malo Tennis Club in France. We played matches vs St Malo Juniors from 12pm until 4pm and had great hospitality. We played indoors on the French clay due to the heavy rain in the morning. The team was accompanied by Andrew Evans, Ian Morgan, Rob Hannah and Nina Grossi. The boys team were; Jesper Jensen, Nial Hannah, Max Forbes, Stanislaw Spiewak, Ben and Sam Carnegie, Sam Fleming and Tyrone Niculae. The girls team were; Trinny O'Callaghan, Jasmine Derrien, Izzy Aldridge and Anais McDermott. Thank you to everyone who came along and we hope to organise it again in the future.

Adult Club Afternoon

Apologies but this Saturday's club afternoon (16th Sept) is cancelled due to the last-minute change of date for the Simon Wheatley sessions. If anyone would like to attend these sessions, sign-ups can be found on our Facebook page.

Artificial Clay Courts

The new courts have now been in place for several weeks and we hope all members have had the opportunity to play and have enjoyed the experience.

It is very pleasing to see all members dragging the courts and lines after play. This will ensure the courts longevity. As we come into the autumn season, please also be mindful of the leaves and acorns falling from trees - dustpans have been provided on the courts to assist in picking these up and keeping the surface clean.

The courts are due to have a heavy brush which will assist in redistributing sand around the courts. Unfortunately, Aldonio's tractor has broken down so this process has been delayed briefly.

LTA Membership

All Caesarean Tennis Club members are eligible for LTA Advantage membership providing access to LTA benefits including entry to the Wimbledon Ballot and clothing discounts.

LTA Membership is required to enter LTA tournaments and also provides the ability to log 'friendly' match results through My Matches.

Sign up through the LTA Website: Join Advantage | Tennis Membership Benefits | LTA

Winter Membership

We will be rolling out our Winter Membership which is pro-rated to reflect the period. If you know of anyone that is interested in tennis, please let them know as it's a great time to join the club at a reduced rate!

Seeking a Club Treasurer

We are desperately seeking a new Treasurer and we hope that within our large number of members, there will be an Accountant or similarly qualified person capable and willing to take on the role. The accounts are now in a very good position. If any would be interested in helping the club for just a few hours a month, that would be hugely appreciated. Please contact the office for more info -


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